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CASO Food Manager App
Food Organizer

The best way to store and organize your food

Experience the perfect overview of your stored foods with the new CASO® DESIGN Food Manager App.

Use the app to scan QR-Code labels applied on your stored food items, which are then added to your personal food list. That way, you always have a clear idea of what‘s in your fridge or freezer and whether something is close to expiring.

Learn more about the app and its handy features and begin to embrace a more sustainable way to treat your food items.

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Product properties

  • Put leftovers in a sealed vacuum bag and scan the label to add it to your personal food item list
  • Scanned foods can be sorted by place of storage (freezer / fridge / storage room etc. )
  • Scanned foods can be displayed by type of food (fish, meat, vegetables etc.)
  • The CASO Food Manager App informs about the durability of your stored foods by letting you attribute an expiry date to each food item on your list
  • Label your stored food items with handy QR-Code labels provided by CASO Design
  • Scan the label and add the respective food to your personal stored food overview


  • While enroute, check what‘s available in your fridge. That way, you can make sure to only buy foods you need
  • A quick look into your CASO Food Manager gives you ideas on what you can cook
  • Use the CASO FOOD MANAGER APP in with a number of CASO Vacuum Systems. The ideal addition to the best possible way of sustainably dealing with your food items. Note that CASO Vacuum Bags and Foil come with a variety of differently-sized QR-Code labels
  • All food items can also be added and organized manually
  • The app‘s technology is based on a proprietary security system at CASO

Technical data

Operating Systems iOS and Android


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