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HW 400
(7 Reviews)

Turbo hot water dispenser

Product properties

  • Heats water to a boil (212 °F) in just 8 seconds
  • Six adjustable temperatures to accommodate the correct temperatures of different beverages. Such as all varieties of teas, French press coffee, cup of soup and many more
  • Perfect portion control with the press of a button
  • Removable tank of 74fl oz with water filter


  • 50% energy saving compared to kettles
  • Powerful 1800 Watt heating element
  • Elegant design with stainless steel accents

Technical data

Model 11862
UPC 4047849118622
Voltage 120 V, 60 Hz
Weight 4.49 lbs
Product dimension (WxHxD) 10.7 x 6.57 x 12.05 inch


R. C.
We are excited. A few weeks ago, we did not even know that such a device actually existed. When we accidentally stumbled upon it, it was clear to us that we wanted one, because we always need a quick glass or cup of hot water, or for instant coffee, tea,... more
We are totally excited. In the meantime you have a cup of hot water. We have never drank so much tea before. The device does what it should and takes no more space than a kettle. I am Happy that I have him.
Great kettle!
Finally a useful kettle that does not waste unnecessary energy. You have a cup of hot water in max. 8 sec. Temperature setting from 0 to 212 degrees. Visually an eye-catcher and qualitatively great. Clear purchase recommendation!
S. B.
Fast hot water
What you need to know: throw away the first water until it really has the required temperature. Have an extra cup. Then use the actual cup. The donor is an integral part of my everyday life ...
M. O.
The water cooler in the upper class
The HW400 is a huge relief for us. Who does not know that? The daughter wants her tea, the dad his instant coffee and mom would like her cappuccino. That means waiting for the kettle to turn on. I always look for myself while waiting for something to do... more
F. K.
Great class of these water heaters. Fast. Quiet. Super easy to use. In our household, indispensable. Value for money Thumbs up. Clear purchase recommendation!... Addendum: Now, 6 weeks in constant use of three persons. Still very satisfied. Nothing to... more


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