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Induction - Generate heat directly inside the pot

Using modern induction technology, heat is directly created inside the pot. This enables a faster, more direct and energy-saving cooking experience! The cooking field itself doesn't heat up; instead, it only adapts to the outgoing heat from the pot. That way, nothing will burn and stick to the cooking field - a great and safe cooking experience!

Product properties

  • Precise cooking with SMART CONTROL and 12 power levels
  • Safe to the touch. Uses magnetic technology that transfers power directly to the metal cooking pan
  • Can cook anywhere. Just Plug & Cook
  • Timer function from 1 – 180 minutes with 1-minute intervals


  • Precise temperature settings between 140 and 460 °F
  • 1800 watts of power
  • Automatic safety switch and protection against overheating
  • Glass ceramic cooking surface…Easy to clean as the surface stays cool!

Technical data

Model 12224
UPC 4047849122247
Voltage 110-120V 60Hz
Weight 6.1 lbs
Product dimension (WxHxD) 2.4 x 11 x 14.10 inch


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