Juicer PJ 1000

Fit and healthy with fresh juices

Fruits and vegetables have many essential nutrients which are retained 100% during self-made juice. The contained enzymes act as the spark for a vital metabolism to process vitamins and minerals. In the industrial produced juices, these nutrients are enormously reduced as during the processing chain, cold and hot temperature fluctuations affects the ingredients.

Product properties

  • Vogue, simplicity and rich in streamline design
  • Power: 800 watt
  • 3“ diameter large feeding tube available for jucing a whole apple, pear, carrot etc.
  • 67 fl oz extra large container, juice and residues could be separated automatically


  • New LCD monitor with 4 speed optional, with dial switch
  • Stainless steel housing, stainless steel filter basket
  • Overheat protector on powerful motor and safety lock device

Technical data

Model 13505
UPC 4047849135056
Voltage 120 V, 60 Hz
Weight 9,26 lbs
Product dimension (WxHxD) 11.81 x 7.08 x 15.35 inch


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