Slow Juicer SJ 200
(4 Reviews)

Design juicer

Product properties

  • Perfect for juicing many soft fruits, vegetables
  • Power: 200 watt
  • Serves great tasting smooth juice


  • Stainless steel housing
  • Two step safety start system
  • Easy to assemble, disassemble and clean

Technical data

Model 13500
UPC 4047849135001
Voltage 120 V, 60 Hz
Weight 10,54 lbs
Product dimension (WxHxD) 9.25 x 6.69 x 17.52 inch


Slow Juicer for Everyday Life
This is already my second Slow Juicer. I own the "Moulinex ZU5008 juicer", which also smashes the fruit and crushes it.The advantages of this method are:there is no heatthe juice oxidizes more slowlythe juice yield is better than comparable centrifugal... more
I was able to test the CASO fruit and vegetable juicer with Slow Juice technology via the Amazon Tester Portal. From the design of the juicer is really great and very noble. Especially in the aluminum look definitely a highlight. Making juices and... more
M. H.
This is good but not an innovation miracle
The CASO is in the juicer with "slow juice" approach priced in the lower range, but is sufficient for normal use absolutely and has no real flaws - just a few small quirks, but with which you can possibly live.The device itself is well made and quality,... more
A. O.
Functionary very good
The CASO works very well and squeezes the fruits, whether apple, orange or carrots very well. I recommend to use the device only if you want to prepare a small supply of juice directly (I fill directly two three well-cleaned bottles). Why? The cleaning... more


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