SousVide Soft Vacuum System
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VC 300 VAC System
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Vacuum Sealer



  • Label your sealed foods by the type of food, weight and date
  • The QR code is used to connect to the app and record the food on the app
  • App keeps an inventory of your foods
  • App alerts you to the “use by” date


  • Saves money and reduces waste and spoilage!
  • Available for iOS and android

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Sous Vide

Special Features

Sous Vide

Meat, fish or vegetables can be cooked in vacuum sealed bags. The advantage is that food is cooked in its own juice and is very tender and tasty.

SVS - perfect vacuum regulation

Use the "Soft Vacuum System" function to control vacuum strength that guarantees the optimum vacuum of the goods. Ideal for gently processing of soft, sensitive, dry or wet food.

Product properties

  • Vacuum sealer with food management app and labeling system to keep inventory of your food and eliminate waste
  • Perfect for marinating to seal wet and dry food
  • Keeps food fresh up to 5X longer
  • Perfect for sous vide cooking. In a vacuum sealed bag, the foods retain their unique tastes, vitamins, nutrients and minerals
  • Air tight double bar heat seal that is 12” wide
  • Customizable bag sizes that are BPA free, tear resistant, boil proof and microwavable


  • Includes vacuum hose to remove air from canisters and jars
  • Adjustable air withdrawal speed for delicate foods like pastries and chips
  • Fold out cutter to cut the film at desired length
  • Easy to clean
  • Fits easily into a kitchen draw
  • Includes 1 roll (8” X 236”) & 1 roll (11” x 236” ) and a box to hold roll

Technical data

Model 11392
UPC 4047849113924
Voltage 120 V, 60 Hz
Weight 4,63 lbs
Product dimension (WxHxD) 15.35 x 3.46 x 9.76 inch


Great device
After four days of experience for me, the device makes exactly what it should, vacuuming and absolutely perfect. Smoked trout, sausage, cooked food in sauce, Everything is perfectly vacuumed. Even liquid food is no problem with its own function... more
Modern cooking
It is in continuous use. It vacuum meat and spices, off in the fridge or immediately in the saucepan. Excellent cooked and tender meat is the end result. A taste experience without vitamin losses.
Vacuum Sealer
The quality of this device is unbeatable, we already had a predecessor of this model, so good in quality, please keep it up, vacuum-packed food can be welded in space-saving, their quality in a better condition (no freezer burn), the better way of freezing
With the Caso VC 300 Vacuum Sealer, I finally have a device that works well.It is very easy to use and well made.The vacuum performance is more than enough for using it at home and a good investment for smaller companies.The original foils are very strong... more
We can only agree with the other positive reviews. The device works flawlessly even after many operations. Very nice device and we save a lot of space thereby in our freezer. Even special spices are directly airtight packed and get (so you always buys... more
L. W.
Save space
Meat, fruit, sausages were perfectly welded. Included are 2 sizes of film rolls here. The device is really easy to use. Even the vacuum strength I can adjust. I can make the appropriate size with the cutting device. Now I have more space in the... more
D. K.
A really good vacuum sealer. It is very easy to control the strength of the vacuum, so you can weld in delicate things without crushing them (strawberries, bread ...). But is not for larger actions, since the unit must always cool to cool between... more
P. S.
Worth every penny!
To buy! Who does not have a vacuum sealer - buy!Handling is very easy. Damp, such as dry, can be vacuumed perfectly. Many manufacturers advertise a high level of vacuuming performance by having their vacuum sealer crush beverage cans. Can that too. But... more
Functions tip
The vacuum works great. Especially pleasant is the locking of the lid when welding or vacuuming. As a result, you do not have to keep your hands on the device during the suction process, as it is the case with other household vacuum sealers. Instead, you... more
It's even fun!
I regularly buy meat from our farmer next door, because I like to eat meat, but I do not want to torment the animals with long transports. The farmer of course does not kill as often as the company so we always freeze larger quantities.So far, I have... more
Value for money
Searched for a long time for a vacuum sealer and decided after a long comparison for this product. I use it for all foods. The first time vacuuming we thought the device was broken. Luckily, the problem was with us. We did not manage the first weld... more
The Vacuum Sealer delivers on its promise
It is self-explanatory. Just as the other customers report. The workmanship is neat, everything works out of one piece. Vacuuming is a breeze. Freeze-burning and loss of taste should therefore be history.
Used with us only for sous vide. Suction enough air. If the original bags are clean, the double weld is perfect, comes sauce while welding in between caution.
As an exclusive film vacuum sealer I am thrilled. The double seam gives security. The removable vacuum chamber is super clean (yes, meat juice is pulled out). Due to the adjustable vacuum, the device is equipped for all imaginable tasks. Even coffee pads... more
Everything is right here - in contrast to the VC10, which I had first, it succeeds wonderfully to vacuum even moist foods. The double seam is great and the reel container with cutter is very practical. The VC300 is an absolutely recommendation!
G. B.
Can only recommend
After much deliberateon and comparison, I decided to go for the Caso VC 300 and have no regrets Since we are a 4-person household and buy larger quantities, it is perfect to divide it in smaller portions to portioning and vacuuming, so that not half bad. I... more
A. M.
we have selected the CASO VC 300. The device is flawless. The vacuum performance is very good and individually adjustable. Meets all purposes. I would recommend it to everyone. I read here that it was loud and the lid would be hard to close. I cannot... more
E. L.
We are very satisfied with this Caso device. If you use the original bags, you get very good results, especially since the suction strength can be regulated. A very good device. Who can should keep their fingers off of extremely cheap devices. The VC 300... more
Since my very old vacuum sealer had finally given up the ghost. Now I wanted to buy a device that is- Not too expensive- Even sensitive foods can be vacuumed- Closes moist food well- Can use different foil bag- At least. 12” weld has (just ordered new... more
Simple operation, works flawlessly!
So far, we've been using the device to vacuum (before freezing) pickled salmon and smoked ham. The device is easy to use and works so far perfectly. Good is the double weld. The included foil is good for freezing / thawing.


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