Vacuum Bags –
12″ x 16″

50 Vacuum Bags

For vacuuming and sous vide cooking

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Product properties

Vacuum Bags

  • Strength:  Caso vaccuum bags have a ribbed structure for added strength and durability that produce a consistently
    superior vacuum seal by extracting air efficeintly without creating an impression on food
  • Multi Use: Material is heat resitant and can be boiled, used in the microwave and perfect for sous vide cooking (heat range -4°F to 212°F)
  • Quality: The material and thickness of our bags (5.9mil) make them tear resistant, pierce resistant, reusable and eliminate freezer burn
  • Convienent: Precut bags allow for quick and easy portioning of food
  • Food Management App: Free food management app with labeling system to keep track of your food in storage
  • Included: 50 count  8” x 11” bags & food management labels


Technical data

Vacuum Bags

Item 11220
150 Vacuum Bags; 12” by 16”