ZIP Bag Set

For vacuuming and sous vide cooking

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Product properties

Vacuum ZIP Bag Set

  • Keeps food fresh up to 8x longer
  • Multi layer bag design with crossed air venting channels on one side of the
    bags for maximum air extraction
  • Protection against freezer burn for longer lasting food storage
  • Dish washer, microwave , boiling water and freezer safe… REUSABLE
  • Stored food can be reheated by boiling right in the bag or in the microwave
  • Ideal for sous vide cooking
  • Bag thickness: average 150 μm
  • FDA certified
  • CASO Food Manager Sticker + 2 zip locker


  • Optimal accessories for your CASO One Touch Cordless Vacuum Sealer
    (Item 11301)



Technical data

Vacuum ZIP Bag Set

Item 11289


6 Quart size zip bags (7.9” x 9”),
8 Half Gallon zip bags (10.2” x 9”),
6 gallon zip bags (10.2” x 13.8”)


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