Vacuum Canister Set

Ideal for pressure-sensitive foods

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Product properties

Vacuum Canister Set 3000

  • MULTI USE: Perfect for storage, transportation, and serving of food
  • VACUUM SEAL: Vacuum sealing your foods allow them to marinate at amuch faster rate
  • QUALITY: High strength borosilicate glass that is 4 mm thick and resistance to heat
  • CONVINIENT: Keep berries, salads, chips and other delicate foods fresh and stored safely
  • EASY MANAGEMENT: Free food management app with labeling system to keep track of your food in storage or date
    and month indicator on lid
  • SAFE: Non-toxic, non-pourous, and shatterproof in microwave and freezer
  • INCLUDED: 2 count 2.11 cup rectangle and 1 count 6.34 cup rectangle capacity containers and a vacuum hose adapter VG


Technical data

Vacuum Canister Set 3000

4.63 lbs
Product dimensions
(2) 17 oz
(1) 50 oz


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>> Manual (PDF)
>> Catalogue Sheet (PDF)
>> Food Manager App (PDF)
>> Warranty Card (PDF)