Fomini Crema Inox

Stainless steel milk frother

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Product properties

Fomini Crema Inox

  • Make coffee like a barista
  • Froths and heats the milk for smoother tasting drinks, such as coffee, cappuccino, lattes, hot chocolate and many more
  • No burning due to non-stick coating
  • Sleek stainless steel design with comfort grip
  • Easy to clean
  • Auto shut off

Technical data

Fomini Crema Inox

Voltage120 V, 60 Hz
Weight1.5 lbs
Product dimensions (WxHxD)3.92 x 3.93 x 7.87 inch


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Verified Purchase
I have been using this device for 6 months and I am very satisfied.
Whether milk froth or simply heating the milk, it is perfect for all of this.
I really use it every day because I like to drink milk coffee and it does not taste like cold milk.
The cleaning is also very easy: pure water, pass once with a rag, done.
The design even reminds of the Nescafe machine.
I would buy this foamier every time and can only recommend it.

Genial Verified PurchaseArticle as described, the milk is amazing!
Highly recommended!!!Now there is always a perfect coffee, and for
the children a super delicious milk.

1A Milk froth
I thank my friend, who served me milk froth from this Fomini Crema.
I was so excited about it that I went to the search and ordered this later.
The milk frother can make hot and cold foam within about 100 seconds.
Or make hot milk with the included other essay.  Whether the milk foam
is hot or cold and still does not collapse even after several minutes.
The maximum amount of milk for milk foam is enough for 2 cappuccinos.
Highly Recommended!!!

Milk foam as it must be
The foam is great, shipping fast and the foam is enough for our 2 cups.
Beautifully relaxed and prepared quickly!