Gourmet Gold Cup

Drip coffee maker with 8-cup glass carafe

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Product properties

Gourmet Gold Cup

  • Great tasting cup of coffee – to Gold Cup Standards
  • Fresh filter coffee, almost hand-brewed
  • Thanks to the adjustable water flow speed of the Gourmet coffee maker, the coffee grounds are optimally wetted,
    resulting in a perfect aroma of the coffee
  • Perfect brewing temperature of 205 °F, avoids bitterness and acidity in coffee
  • Quick brew: about 8 cups within 6 minutes
  • Single cup function: direct brew into the cup or a to-go cup
  • 8-hole water passage for optimal wetting of the ground coffee
  • White LCD display with auto-start timer
  • Usable with paper filter number 4 or with the reusable gold tone filter included
  • Keep-warm function keeps the coffee at approx. 176 – 185 °F for up to 40 minutes

Technical data

Gourmet Gold Cup


Voltage120V / 60Hz
Power1475 Watt
Weight6.6 lbs
Product dimensions (WxHxD)14.33“x6.85“x13.58“


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