VC 10 VAC System

Vacuum sealer with food management app and labeling system to keep inventory of your food and eliminate waste

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Product properties

VC 10 VAC System

  • CASO food vacuum sealers keep food fresh up to 8x longer for storing, marinating, freezing, boiling and microwaving
  • Food retains all their unique tastes, vitamins, nutrients and minerals
  • Free food management app with labeling system to keep track of your food
  • Manual, variable vacuum strength, ideal for sensitive foods
  • Big sealing bar with a weld of up to 12 inch in length
  • Continuously seal over 100 times without overheating using pressure-0.70 Bar Max
  • Compact design fits easily in a kitchen drawer
  • High quality stainless steel front
  • Easy to clean
  • Includes 10 8”x11” professional bags, portable cutter and a vacuum hose adapter

Technical data

VC 10 Vacuum Sealer

Voltage120 V, 60 Hz
Weight2.4 lbs
Product dimensions (WxHxD)14.45×3.78×2.32 inch


Download Links

>> Manual (PDF)
>> Warranty Card (PDF)
>> Catalogue Sheet (PDF)


CASO Design Food Manager App

  • Saves money and reduces waste and spoilage!
  • Available for iOS and android
  • Label your sealed foods by the type of food, weight and date
  • The QR code is used to connect to the app and record the food on the app
  • App keeps an inventory of your foods
  • App alerts you to the “use by” date

Vacuum seal food in 3 easy steps:

Step 1:

Open the lid and insert the open side of a compatible CASO Design bag into the vacuum chamber.

Step 2:

Press the cover down firmly on each corner of the top cover until it locks into place with an audible
click. To vacuum and seal, press the “Vacuum & Seal” button. To seal, press the “Seal” button.

Step 3:

Once the Sealing Indicator Light is no longer lit, press the Cover Unlock Buttons to unlock the top cover.