VC 300 VAC System

Vacuum sealer with food management app and labeling system to keep inventory of your food and eliminate waste

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Product properties

VC 300 VAC System

  • The all-in-one System
  • Caso food vacuum sealers keep food fresh up to 8x longer for storing, marinating, freezing, boiling, and microwaving
  • Free food management app with labeling system to keep track of your food
  • Food retains all their unique tastes, vitamins, nutrients, and minerals
  • Adjustable vacuum level: Ideal for soft and delicate food
  • Adjustable sealing time for dry and wet food
  • Easy handle lock
  • Continuously seal over 500 times without overheating using pressure -0.80 Bar Max.
  • High quality stainless steel front
  • Vacuum speed of 12 L/min with various setting adjustments for the perfect seal
  • Air tight double bar heat seal that is 12” wide
  • Easy to clean
  • Includes 10 professional bags 8”x11”, portable cutter, and a vacuum hose adapter

Technical data

VC 300 Vacuum Sealer

Voltage120 V, 60 Hz
Weight4,41 lbs
Product dimensions (WxHxD)15.83 x 7.09 x 3.98 inch


Download Links

>> Manual (PDF)
>> Warranty Card (PDF)
>> Catalogue Sheet (PDF)



CASO Design Food Manager App

  • Saves money and reduces waste and spoilage!
  • Available for iOS and android
  • Label your sealed foods by the type of food, weight and date
  • The QR code is used to connect to the app and record the food on the app
  • App keeps an inventory of your foods
  • App alerts you to the “use by” date


Need Reviews!

Great device After four days of experience for me, the device makes exactly
what it should, vacuuming and absolutely perfect. Smoked trout, sausage,
cooked food in sauce, Everything is perfectly vacuumed. Even liquid food
is no problem with its own function key. Operation is absolutely easy and
self-explanatory. Although the foil tubes are slightly more expensive than
conventional freezer bags, this quality is understandable. Due to the good
experience with this device immediately ordered a second one for relatives.
Even a friend uses this device for a long time and is fully satisfied.

Modern cooking It is in continuous use. It vacuum meat and spices, off in
the fridge or immediately in the saucepan. Excellent cooked and tender meat
is the end result. A taste experience without vitamin losses.

Vacuum Sealer The quality of this device is unbeatable, we already had
a predecessor of this model, so good in quality, please keep it up,
vacuum-packed food can be welded in space-saving, their quality in a
better condition (no freezer burn), the better way of freezing

With the Caso VC 300 Vacuum Sealer, I finally have a device that works well.
It is very easy to use and well made.
The vacuum performance is more than enough for using it at home and a good
investment for smaller companies. The original foils are very strong and durable,
so that it welded also cuts of meat with sharp-edged bones.


We can only agree with the other positive reviews. The device works flawlessly
even after many operations. Very nice device and we save a lot of space thereby
in our freezer. Even special spices are directly airtight packed and get
(so you always buys something larger container) their flavor until the next refill
of the dosing. Top.?

Save space
Meat, fruit, sausages were perfectly welded. Included are 2 sizes of film rolls here.
The device is really easy to use. Even the vacuum strength I can adjust. I can make
the appropriate size with the cutting device. Now I have more space in the refrigerator

A really good vacuum sealer. It is very easy to control the strength of the vacuum,
so you can weld in delicate things without crushing them (strawberries, bread …).
But is not for larger actions, since the unit must always cool to cool between operations.
But for normal home use 1st choice.

Vacuum seal food in 3 easy steps:

Step 1:

Open the cover and insert the open side of a compatible CASO Design bag into the vacuum chamber. Lock the cover with the handle.

Step 2:

Adjust the vacuum level and sealing time for your food.
To vacuum and seal, press the “Vacuum & Seal” button. To seal, press the “Seal” button.

Step 3:

Once the Sealing Indicator Light is no longer lit, open the top cover with the handle.